His Hypertension was very High and He thought drugs will do more harm and decided to get cured by natural means. We at Xulon Zoe put him on arteries cleansing program. He learned how to cook palatable food without oil and Whole plant based diet. www.XulonZoe.org


She came in bed ridden condition. We gave juices to dissolve her haemorage. Initially she was not able to use the limbs. After getting treatment at Xulon zoe, she was able to use limbs.


He and his wife underwent 10 days cleansing program at www.XulonZoe.org Retreat Center. His hypertension and diabetes got reversed by lifestyle. His wife reduced 10 kg. Healthy lifestyle makes them happy life...


Sister Kanta was suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis for the past 35 years and drugs caused so many side effects... All her pains and other complications started reducing drastically simple natural remedies and diet. Sister Devidurga's Hypertension also got better.... at www.XulonZoe.org Lifestyle Health Retreat Center.


During 4 weeks program at www.XulonZoe.org Her numbness and other side effects of steroid drugs started disappearing.... Now She is completely Symptom free.

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