Multiple Sclerosis Reversed

During 4 weeks program at Lifestyle Health Retreat, Her numbness and other side effects of steroid drugs started disappearing during detox and Nutritional re-imbalance.... This happened in Jully 2016. Till Now (Dec 2019) She completely in remission and symptom-free through Whole Food Plant-Based Diet.

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Kidney Failure Reversed - Mr. Kaliyugam from Pudukottai

His Creatinine was 5.8, within 10 days, It Came down to 3.2 through detox and blood cleansing. He got treated during the month of March 2019. His condition was worse. He cannot walk, and bedridden. During the 10 days, He become healthy. Now (Dec 2019), He is continuing Whole Plant-based diet. His Creatine is 2.0. His completely withdrawn from Diabetes and Hypertension Medications during the treatment. His renal function is now highly improved. We believe Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is reversible.

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