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 Hi, I'm Jothi PremSanker. I am a Nutritionist and Dietitian.

With over 12 years of experience and research in the field of natural medicine, I have a deep understanding of how to cure Chronic diseases through Nutrition, Herbs, Lifestyle medicine, and other proven alternative therapies.

During my school days, I had deep compassion to help sick people and my ambition was to become a doctor. But that changed when I attended a Camp meeting, where I heard that drugs suppress the symptoms but do not cure the disease. After that, I was more into Nutrition, Lifestyle, Natural remedies, and Hydrotherapy.

My forefathers were experts in Traditional Herbal Medicine. They came from a place called Marthandam, Tamil Nadu, the southernmost part of India, at the border of Kerala state, known for Herbal Medicine.

I started Xulon Zoe Lifestyle Health Retreat in 2010, in Tamil Nadu, India, to help sick people. I had a lot of success and some failures as well. I began to asses all the latest and new findings of experts in Nutrition, and I started to learn what exactly worked and what didn’t for my patients. The results, thereafter, dramatically improved at my center.

I believe that eating whole foods is the foundation of a healthy life, and I take a holistic approach to nutritional counseling.

I use Detox with vegetables and green juices using cold press juicers to cleanse the Lymph system, Liver, Colon, and Kidney, as the first step. I also use herbs, hydrotherapy, various kinds of fasting, etc.

I always use scientific and proven evidence-based methods for my practice. Based on each individual client’s case I provide the best possible care for each one of them.

As I’ve done a lot of research, I understand the science, the food industry and the health care system quite well. As we all come from different cultural backgrounds even the food for each individual is cultural, it is deeply personal and can be trans-formative. I work with the food to nourish and heal, helping the body and mind and soul to be in better shape.

Regarding my family: I got married to Shamini who had similar experience in her life as far as being a medical missionary. Both accepted the call from God to heal the sick. My Wife is currently studying Modern Medicine to use some of the lifesaving therapies and skills to help people suffering from various diseases. We are blessed by God with two kids--Tilden and Rafael.

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