Good Samaritan work..Spreading Gospel Health Message in India.

Helping poor sick people using Natural Remedies at our Center.

Healing Cancer patients using raw diet and herbs.

Conducting Health Expos in various places.

Conducting Health Seminars in various organisation.

Helping Young people to come out of Addictions

"That there may be funds in the treasury for the support of the ministry, and to meet the calls for assistance in missionary enterprises, it is necessary that the people of God give cheerfully and liberally...When this is neglected, and the churches fail to give for the necessities of others, not only does the work of the Lord suffer, but the blessing that should come to believers is withheld."

 {AA 341.2}  "

Your donations will be used for the above causes.

Three Angels MessageMedical Missionary Work is the right hand of three angels message"Medical missionary work is the right hand of the gospel. It is necessary to the advancement of the cause of God. As through it men and women are led to see the importance of right habits of living, the saving power of the truth will be made known. Every city is to be entered by workers trained to do medical missionary work. As the right hand of the third angel's message, God's methods of treating disease will open doors for the entrance of present truth." --Testimonies, Vol. 7, p. 59.

"The great crisis is just before us. Now is the time for us to sound the warning message, by the agencies that God has given us for this purpose. Let us remember that one most important agency is our medical missionary work. Never are we to lose sight of the great object for which our sanitariums are established--the advancement of God's closing work in the earth." - Medical Ministry, p.56

"Successful evangelistic work can be done in connection with medical missionary work. It is as these lines of work are united that we may expect to gather the most precious fruit for the Lord." — Medical Ministry, 26-27.

How to Donate:

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Western union / Money Gram / Cheque :

Jothi PremSanker,
#21, Second Cross,
Mothilal Nagar, Pondicherry - 605010. India

Please send your donation details to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank Transfer Details:

ACCOUNT NAME--------------: Xulon Zoe Health Retreat Center

ACCOUNT NUMBER---------- : 6093666897

SWIFT CODE------------------: IDIBINBBTSY (swift code consist of 8 or 11 Character used for International money transfer)

MAIN BANK---------------------: INDIAN BANK

BRANCH YOU DEAL WITH-: INDIAN BANK, Muthiliarpet, Puducherry

HOME ADDRESS-------------: 21, 2ND CROSS, Mothilal Nagar, Moolakulam, Puducherry, India. Postal Code: 60501

USE FOR MONEY------------: Medical Missionary Work in India

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