According to data from the U.S. in 2008, people are consuming over 60 pounds (28 kg) of added sugar per year and this does not include fruit juices. The consumption of refined sugars  has been linked to obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Sugar consumption has steadily risen in recent years and the USDA now reports that the average American consumes around 150 pounds of sugar per year.  Sodas are a major source of refined sugars in the American diet. Energy drinks are close behind, and even fruit juices are working against us. Don’t let the word “fruit” fool you. Some of these fruit drinks are stripped of all nutrients and have more additives and sugar (as much as 90%+) than soda.

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Hair Growth

We use Ginger to help grow black hair, it works. 

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Charcoal is an amazing substance. It adsorbs more poisons than any other substance known to mankind. It can adsorb lead acetate, strychnine, DDT, many drugs (including cocaine, iodine, penicillin, aspirin, phenobarbital), and inorganic substances (chlorine, lead, and mercury).

It can adsorb thousands of times its own weight in gases, heavy metals, poisons, and other chemicals; thus it renders them ineffective and harmless.

It can adsorb intestinal gas and deodorizes foul-smelling gases of various kinds.

Charcoal can do these various things because of its ability to attract other substances to its surface and hold them there. This is called "adsorption" (not absorption). Charcoal can adsorb thousands of times its own weight in harmful substances. One teaspoonful of it has a surface area of more than 10,000 square feet.

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The British medical journal, Lancet, discusses the amazing ability of the human skin to allow transfer of liquids, gases, and even micro-particles through its permeable membrane and pores, by the application of moist, activated charcoal compresses and poultices which actually draw bacteria and poisons through the skin and into the poultice or compress!

Charcoal poultices that are kept moist and warm actually draw toxins and poisons out through the skin tissue. This is because skin is a permeable membrane, which permits a variety of liquids and gases to enter and exit the body. 

Jelly Charcoal Poultice

1. Grind 3 tablespoons of flaxseed (or use cornstarch / Wheat flour) Or Use 1 Table spoon of Psyllium Husk in 1 cup hot water and Ignore Step 3
2. Mix It with 1-3 tablespoons of charcoal powder.
3. Add 1 cup water.
4. Set aside for 10-20 minutes to thicken, or mixture may be heated and allowed to cool.

Charcoal Poultice Step 1
Making a Charcoal Poultice - step 1

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Husband - Wife in Love

Sex, when properly used, has a good effect upon the body and health. The problem is that most people dont know, and are not taught, the proper use. first of all, sexual intercourse is served only for married people, and then only with the one you are married to until you are separated by death. Only at this time you have legal and moral liberty to choose another partner. In reality, the act of intercourse is marriage. We must avoid being guilty of polygamy.

When both the husband and wife are feeling well, and have had an opportunity to lovingly be in each other's presence for a few hours, the act of intercourse can be very relaxing and beneficial to the nerves and the health in general. It has to be an unselfish thing, and each one trying to give rather than receive. Only when both can reach a successful climax is the maximum benefit received. After the first year of marriage, this act should not take place more frequently than once a week to maintain the best of health. The woman is usually much slower to reach a climax than the man. The man must be considerate and patient to give his lover equal rights. In sickness or sorrow, willful abstinence should be practiced. Also, to prevent venereal disease and sin, it is important to abstain for seven days every month beginning with the first day of the menstrual period. Why? because God said so, and it is best for your health.

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