Xulon Zoe

We are often asked what therapies we use and what our programs are like. Some thinks that  we are practicing Ayurveda, Sidha, Naturopahty, Organic etc. We are a Christian ministry and teach health from a Biblical perspective. The best dietary information available to medical science substantiates the wisdom of a plant-based diet handed down to mankind in Genesis 1:29. The meals prepared at our Center will include nutrient dense fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains prepared in the simple and palatable way. Also, as part of this diet, we serve freshly extracted juices, super-food and herbs catered to your specific needs. The therapies and nutritional protocol can vary but will include: generous amounts of fresh juices, vegetarian cuisine, hydrotherapy, herbs, natural supplements, massage, steam baths and much more. Each guest’s program is individualized and is carried out under the direct supervision experience therapist.

We believe that the body is governed by natural laws originating from God. When these laws were broken, sickness and death could result.   When illness developed, rather than suppressing symptoms through drugs, we  sought to remove the causes. The cause for any illness is Lifestyle. Once the causes were removed, the body tended to heal itself. What is Lifestyle? The way we live every day. 

We find many of these lifestyle guests can be helped greatly by the application of diet therapy and the methods previously mentioned. We do not initiate drug therapy, and are often able to cut off medications, although we do continue medications wherever there is a strong indication for them.

Compared to any of the alternative healing facilities in Western countries and other parts of India, we are a fraction of the cost and Christian based (all honor and glory is directed to God as the True Source of healing). Because of this, it doesn't have all of the expenses and overhead that exists in the most centers. There is no desire to take advantage or make financial gain from sick or hurting people.

Health lectures are given to the guests during their course of stay. We also offer demonstrations in healthful cooking as well as personal instruction and counseling in such areas as smoking cessation and the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs.

There are programs running every month to be convenient and health retreat sessions can be extended for up to six weeks for those that are in serious need. So, whether you are suffering from some illness or disease or you are experiencing good health and would like to know how to go from good health to optimal health, Xulon Zoe Lifestyle Retreat Center is committed to serve you.