Creating helathy habits and a positive attitude, one step at a time.

Example of Daily Schedule

***Note: Programs are specialized for guests. The schedule listed below is an overall outline that is followed. Before meals there may be green drinks or fresh juice. Therapies will vary to some extent, juices and supplements will also vary based on individual needs.
Certain days of the week there are special evening programs.Daily Schedule

07.00 am Fresh herbal Juice
07.30 am Nature Walk
08:00 am Granny Smith Juice
08:30 am Devotion
09:00 am Theraputic Breakfast
11:00 am Juicing and Food prep
01:00 pm Theraputic Juice 
02:00 pm Theraputic meal
04:00 pm Theraputic Juices 
06:00 pm Theraputic Herbal Tea
07:00 pm Free Time or Evening Program
09:00 pm Detox tea, Retire to Room

**Weekend schedule varies; there are no classes and we often do some fun outings. We do a devotion service on every Friday evening and Saturday morning. Consultations, counseling, Hydrotherapy treatments, Health & nutrition Classes will be done according to guests schedule.